Some critics about Ubuntu

David Walker dave at
Mon Nov 29 10:10:31 CST 2004

It may be that some people are looking for a more, "hands-on" installer 
for ubuntu, more debian-esque.  I personally like the installer it 
handles everything I wanted in a desktop with out me thinking a lot.  
Should there be an expert option, or if there is (have not looked) add 
to the install boot screen a, "Welcome to ubuntu, press enter to install 
or expert for expert mode:" string.  Or have once in the installer an 
option to do a basic, custom, or expert type install.

On the topic of installing, has there been or is there now a push to get 
out of a curses-based installer to a GUI based one?


spb wrote:

>I know that I also was confused when there was no package selection, but
>I knew that I could use dpkg -l to view the installed packages. 
>Maybe at the end of the installation, when the announcement that
>base_config can be rerun is printed, it should also be printed, "Use
>the command 'dpkg -l' to browse the installed packages."  

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