Accepted debian-installer 20041118ubuntu2 (source)

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Wed Nov 24 13:10:11 CST 2004

On Tue, Nov 23, 2004 at 10:19:43PM +0000, Colin Watson wrote:

> On Tue, Nov 23, 2004 at 02:04:01PM -0800, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> > If it uses module-init-tools, this doesn't seem too difficult.  Before
> > activating hotplug, parse the kernel command line and write an
> > /etc/modprobe.d/debian-installer file with the options in it.
> You don't know what modules are going to be needed before activating
> hotplug, though.

I guess I'm not up to speed on how d-i uses hotplug; can you enlighten me?
I assume that it's part of the initrd, and so able to be used for detecting
the CD-ROM.  It seems like it would be started very early on.

 - mdz

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