Monitor Autodetection - Refresh rates

AJ aj023 at
Sun Nov 21 00:39:00 CST 2004

Hello.  I have a Hitachi CM753U (Hitachi Smartscan 753) which is detected correctly however the top refresh rates are incorrect as the monitor can do higher.  
I am using the Nvidia GLX driver as well.  
Any ideas on what can be done to rectifiy such issues for future versions?  It appears as though the overall monitor refresh rates were detected correctly however it gave 85hz for the top rates while the monitor can do higher.  

Windows XP seems to do a better job at autodetection as I can use the full refresh rates which I can from however it gives top rates that my monitor cant do as well in the list.  Other Linux distrubutions have the monitor list to choose from when the monitor is not correctly detected.  

There has to be a better way than manually editing the modlines for linux users who want to use their monitors high refresh rates even though it works (albeit at the lower rates).  

Any suggestions?  

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