Discussion destillation: Options for language packs

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at canonical.com
Mon Nov 22 14:36:35 CST 2004


> (F2-1) one deb per language that contains translations of all packages

the size of the package is a stopper here imho.

> (F2-2) one deb per package that contains translations for all
>    o translation-only updates do not download code any more, but
>      still download unwanted translations

One binary package ? How do you update the translation without updating
the code ? And out of this is there a real interest for the users in
this system ? 

> (F2-3) one deb per package and language

too many packages. One option would be to make an archive per langage
but still ...

>   (F3-1) use dpkg-divert in the language pack to replace changed
>          gettext files with newer versions
>   (F3-2) introduce alternative gettext hierarchy /usr/share/langpack

as said before all the translation are not in .po files.

> (F4) Leave original packages as they are and provide translation
>     updates without using debs; translations could be directly
>     downloaded from Rosetta to /var/cache/locales/, or a
>     similar place

how will these files be used by the application? 

> (F5) keep the status quo on the archive servers, but strip off all but
>     one/some translations in the debs that are shipped on the CDs

seems to be ok to make a translated CD, but the updates are not easy to manage.

I think we should go with something based on F4 or F5.


Sebastien Bacher

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