Request for main: lib{nss,pam}-{ldap,krb5}

Jerry Haltom wasabi at
Sun Nov 21 20:22:17 CST 2004

What I could find:

Once upon a time, there was one pam_krb5. It wasn't very good. Then at
some point RedHat forked it. RedHat's version was at 2.0.5 in FC1.
Debian's version is 1.0-10. Debian's version is pretty badly maintained.

I can't find the actual source of RedHat's version in a CVS. The best I
can come up with are SRPMS... but that's likely because I just don't
know where to look, not having used RedHat for any extended period of

I would recommend Ubuntu package RedHat's version and let the
unmaintained Debian version die off. RedHat has been maintaining their
fork, and I suspect it works great. There's some
reference to it.

It seems to be maintained by Nalin (nalin at i believe). I
corresponded with him a few months ago about this same subject. Ubuntu
might want to have a chat about where the source is, or where it should
be, and get it packaged.

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