zope seg faulting?

Nick Loeve ubuntu at trickie.org
Sat Nov 20 04:23:09 CST 2004


I am trying to get Zope and Plone up and working on my local machine. I
use the zopectl command to start the default instance, but when i do i
get the following in the /var/log/zope/default/Z2-detailed.log every 2
or 3 seconds:

U 000000000 2004-11-18T19:11:58 System startup
U 000000000 2004-11-18T19:12:00 System startup
U 000000000 2004-11-18T19:12:02 System startup
U 000000000 2004-11-18T19:12:04 System startup

and then in the /usr/var/syslog i get at about the same interval:

Nov 18 19:14:17 localhost kernel: python2.2[5923]: segfault at
0000000000000000 rip 0000000000000000 rsp 0000007fbffff480 error 14

Can anyone tell me if these are related?

I am using Hoary AMD64.

Nick Loeve

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