UTF-8 in Hoary

mrv dlist at ubuntuforums.org
Tue Nov 16 03:31:35 CST 2004

Tsjoklat Wrote: 
> Then how is it then that when I use UTF-8 all the files in windows looks
> like ?IO*(O&(* and so forth and vice versa? When I use ISO it looks
> fine. 


You don't need to save all your text files in UTF-8 in Linux when using
UTF-8 locale, it's just the default encoding for everything. And even if
you do save them as UTF-8, many Windows programs support it, too.

The fact that UTF-8 in Linux is usually "system-wide" (to utilize it to
the fullest), including file system, might affect Windows though. If you
copy a file which has non-ASCII UTF-8 letters in its name, Windows might
not like it if there's not an automatic file name conversion to whatever
Windows uses (I guess Windows uses multiple different encodings and
marks them somehow?).

I already changed my Warty to use fi_FI.UTF-8, just because I already
had filenames with UTF-8 like Finnish letters (ä, ö), cyrillic letters
and Japanese hiragana/katakana/kanji letters. My former OS, SUSE 9.1,
did have UTF-8 as the default. UTF-8's has also been the default in Red
Hat 9, Fedoras etc... so Debian/Ubuntu is a bit late, that's all. The
sooner the switch the better.


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