request for r-cran-snow and depend packages

Thomas Schönhoff tom_woody at
Mon Nov 8 14:01:42 CST 2004


since I am not a steady member of Umbuntu-devel, please CC me your 
answers. Many thanks for that in advance!

Freshly installed Ubuntu at the last weekend I miss some packages from 
GNU R, of which I am in urgent need for to build a two node cluster 
for statistical computing running GNU R-2.0.0!

Would you mind adding these packages  (I think its in Debian SID ) to 
Ubuntu repository?

These packages allow low and high level clustering (MPI,PVM), i.e. 
SNOW (Simple Network of Workstations).

I would really appreciate that.........if it is possible of cause ;-)
Otherwise I had to add them from Debian, which isn't according to 
Ubuntu Website a very good idea.

Well, thanks for this wonderful new  Debian based distri which looks 
very interesting. Thanks to all your efforts to make Debian more 
streamlined and visible even for those who are not living at the edge 
of IT business



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