Separating Mozilla/OO.o language packs [was: Re: Thoughts about separating language packs]

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Thu Nov 11 14:20:09 CST 2004


Martin Pitt [2004-11-03 13:15 +0100]:
> == non-gettext translations ==
> Since this must be handled on a by-case basis, it might be impossible
> to catch each and every tiny bit. However, the two major cases are
> currently mozilla-firefox and Both packages currently
> provide separate debs for languages, so the contents and maintainer
> scripts should just be merged into the appropriate language packs.

Since the gettext extraction has major drawbacks and should better be
discussed in the Tech Board Meeting, I decided to tackle with this
first, since AFAICS our main problem is the absence of localized
Mozilla/FireFox/OO.o translation by now.

Currently both the mozilla and the OO.o language debs depend on the
respective main package, i. e. mozilla-firefox-locale-de depends on
mozilla-firefox. However, it is relatively easy to modify Mozilla,
FireFox and OO.o so that language packs can be installed independently
of the main package. 

This has the advantage that we do not need to bother with extracting
the contents of various l10n debs and merge them into a "language
pack". Instead it would be enough to have e. g. ubuntu-language-de
depend on mozilla-firefox-locale-de,,
myspell-de-de and so on.

Unless there are objections to this approach, I would start to modify
the existing l10n debs to be installable independently and create
ubuntu-language-* metapackages afterwards. If we decide to really
extract gettext stuff, we can always enrich these language packs with
it later.

Thanks for comments,


Martin Pitt             
Ubuntu Developer  
Debian GNU/Linux Developer
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