Making AltGr work on powerpc notebooks

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Thu Nov 11 04:29:43 CST 2004

Hi folks!

Tollef Fog Heen [2004-11-11 11:07 +0100]:
> | IMHO it would make more sense to interpret Fn+Alt+0 as (Fn+Alt)+0
> | instead as Alt+(Fn+0), as it is done now. Fabio, is that possible in
> | the X keymaps?
> I believe the Fn key is handled by hardware, not by anything we can
> touch.  AIUI, that's how it works on x86 laptops, at least.

I suspect something like this, too, but now I checked. Indeed "showkey -s" 
does not display a scancode for Fn, so I guess we cannot do anything
about it.

Since this does not let me sleep properly :-), I installed MacOS X and
looked how it is solved there: you use the "Alt" key to enter
characters like [] {} \ etc. Obviously this is not an option for us
since Alt is needed for too many other things.

Right now I think that Colin's approach

> Surely it's possible to put this kind of thing into the XKB definitions
> for the keyboard layouts that need them? That seems like the obviously
> correct approach.

is the sanest one.

What do you think?

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