Laptop power management support

Julien Olivier julo at
Wed Nov 10 14:02:41 CST 2004

Hi Matthew,

> Now do sudo update-grub and reboot. The power button should now cause a
> suspend to disk. Boot again and it should resume (there may be a
> moderately long pause before the resume process starts at the moment - I
> need to spend some time looking at that).

The power button does suspend my computer (I see text, then a black
screen), but it comes back to graphical mode almost immediately (1 or 2
seconds later) without me pressing the power button again. Does it mean
that it doesn't suspend, or that it just doesn't *stay* suspended ? Is
there anything to do for it to stay suspended ?

After that, I don't see any problem with X or with my network, or with
anything else.

> If that works, try pressing your laptop's sleep button (normally Fn
> +Escape, Fn+F4 or something like that). Test this from X, not from the
> console. With a bit of luck, various messages will fly past and the
> machine will suspend to RAM. If the machine /doesn't/ suspend, please
> follow up with information about the last few messages.

I don't think I have any sleep button on this laptop.

Another thing: what is the laptop expected to do when closing / opening the lid ?

Thanks a lot for your work.

Julien Olivier <julo at>

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