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Thom May thom at canonical.com
Wed Nov 10 07:32:15 CST 2004

* Oliver Grawert (hostmaster at grawert.net) wrote :
> hi,
> Am Mittwoch, den 10.11.2004, 11:23 +0000 schrieb Thom May:
> > Already on the todo list. (see the note about HardwareDatabase on the wiki:
> > http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HoaryGoals)
> > This needs fleshing out and speccing - I sent an initial email to the
> > sounders list back in august with some preliminary thoughts.
> so i think i found one task for me at the conference... i'd like to join
> this one and help out where i can ... :)
> i attended the kickoff meeting, there the HardwareDatabase idea sounded
> more like an online tool to determine the support status for specific
> pieces of hardware.
> i just read this one:
> http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/sounder/attachments/20040820/92c7aa12/attachment.mht
> ...
> - regarding the amount of users that already reported things, i think it
> should be possible already to use my idea as an initial step (even it
> would require a dmidetect-udeb)...

Already is one; laptop detect uses it in the install :-)

> - i would suggest to collect the data automated (dmidetect, mdetect etc)
> without aksing the user any question except...."Do you allow to collect
> your HW infos to improve the product ?" 

But there are other questions we can ask - does your machine suspend to
ram/disk correctly; did we get the screen res right for your laptop, tell us
the model name (so we can nicely present data on the db) etc.

> - i think the data collection should be a default task in
> base-config....
depends how far we want to go with it.

> btw....
> how about a HardwareDatabase wiki page as this thing will get
> bigger....?
Do you want to, or shall I?
That sounds like a lot of work... Can we out source?
The Revolution will not be outsourced!
(Slick/Monique - Sinfest)

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