thin client, distant device access

aurelien naldi aurelien_NOSPAM_ at
Mon Nov 8 13:53:48 CST 2004

Le lundi 08 novembre 2004 à 20:29 +0100, Tollef Fog Heen a écrit :
> * aurelien naldi 
> | I saw you want to work on thin client with NX, and wanted to know if you
> | are willing to work on this problem to make it better integrated. Thin
> | clients are quite common and I really think that this should be better
> | integrated into the desktop. I don't know much about NX, how much is it
> | more than an X proxy? perhaps does it already solve this problem but I
> | haven't currently found anything on it...
> NX also has support for channeling audio or other stuff over the same
> connection.  I'm going to look more at it once I have my exams and
> such out of the way (which should be around Christmas/New Year's).
> Anybody wanting to help out is of course welcome.

yes sound is also important, even if it's not really for us, but having
a kind of udev proxy as well would be wonderfull!!
I'm willing to help out but I don't really know how to start...
it would definitivly find ubuntu even greater with this kind of stuff
integrated  into one of the next releases ;)


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