ISDN does not work

Oliver Grawert hostmaster at
Mon Nov 8 08:20:55 CST 2004

Am Montag, den 08.11.2004, 14:58 +0100 schrieb Christoph Bier:
> Thanks! I'll check this tomorrow and give feedback.
> I followed the instructions from the Wiki, but it didn't help. I get
> the same error message as in my OP. And I tried it with an AVM Fritz
> PCI. But which module is to be used for a Teles PCI, which actually
> will work in this PC?
unfortunately there seems to be none for the teles yet....
but there is a driver called capidrv that should provide a compatibility
i4l layer to the hardware if i understand it right... i'll look into
this tonight and tell you my results.


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