Doing Debian package maintenance under Warty

Christoph Haas email at
Sun Nov 7 14:27:50 CST 2004

Hi, /dev/elopers...

I'm maintaining a few packages for Debian so obviously I'm running an
up-to-date sid on my workstation. However after getting a deep breath of
Ubuntu I'd rather use that. What are your experiences? I did a quick
poll on #ubuntu-doc and was told to better have a second partition with
pure Sid for testing.

As all "27 official Ubuntu maintainers" (if that information is still
correct) are Debian maintainers, too, this should be a common thought.
Do you really have two installations? Or have you quit developing for

It's not that I wouldn't have the space and bandwidth for a second
partition. Just if Warty would provide everything then it would be
easier. Actually it seems a little weird to contribute to a distribution
you don't even use as your main installation. :) And most of the work I
do is not package maintenance but writing documentation, managing
servers etc.

If only Debian would focus much more on the users and provide a cleaner
preconfigured user-interface we would not need Ubuntu. A man can dream... :)


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