ipw2100, alps, splash

Josephus josephus at josephus.hu
Mon Dec 27 16:38:24 CST 2004


Since i'm a notebook user too (dell inspiron 8600) my life is a little 
bit harder with ubuntu's default kernel. My question is that will these 
things in the subject ever be included in ubuntu kernel?
alps.patch is in synaptic package, with that you can do scrolling, 
tapping, and all the fancy stuffs (it patches the ps2 driver)
ipw2100 would be nice too, they have patches at ipw2100.sf.net (Or maybe 
it's already included? can't remember, because first thing i did after 
install is compile a new kernel by hand)
Currently i'm using gensplash, which is in development, but it's usable, 
and it can do better then bootsplash when it will be done.
Or course splash is not a musthave thing, it just looks great, and often 
suspend doesn't work with it, but imho it's a fb issue :)

And one more thing for the end is that after installing warty, i had to 
write my custom modelines and refresh rate settings to XConfig in order 
to get the X working. Mabye some detection, and autoconfiguration would 
be fine, i just don't know how is this possible.

Thanks, and keep up good work


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