Linux competition

Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski kewlopi at
Mon Dec 27 10:09:08 CST 2004

  First, I'd like to say: thank you! I've just got a bunch of Ubuntu 
4.10   CD's. I've give them away to all my friends who are intrested in 
Linux, or use Linux but are unfamilar with Ubuntu. But still, I have few 
CD's left. So, I figured out, I'll do a competition among our users (I'm 
head developer in a comapny, that owns large LAN in my city), with 
Ubuntu CD's as a prices (plus, I'll sponsor one month of connection free 
of charge for a winner;-). It's not a big thing, but our users like 
competitons with small prices: we had ,,name our main router'' 
competition, make a background competition, we could have ,,Linux 
knowledge competition'' too.

  I hope it will atract some young minds to Linux and Open Source, 
spread some informations about Ubuntu & get some users, too. I'd like to 
ask you guys, do you have an idea for a 3 good (smart, but not so 
hard;-) questions, that could be asked? We'll take 3 (me and our 
sysadmin;-) and leave 3 for you.

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