Karl Hegbloom hegbloom at
Fri Dec 17 05:36:25 CST 2004

On Wed, 2004-12-08 at 12:15 +0100, Jean Privat wrote:
> On the wiki
> I read
> "Closing the lid should trigger suspend-to-RAM by default".

We should take a survey, and find out manufacturer, model number, and
BIOS release plus suspend-ability status of each kind of laptop.

I have a Uniwill N244II0 (Los Alamos Computers LUCGM) with a fairly
recent BIOS (cannot recall the version number offhand; can't reboot
while emailing) that works great with the Software Suspend patch, but
Linux does NOT properly support S3 sleep on this model as of right now.

I suspect this is the rule, rather than the exception -- that ACPI S3
(sleep to RAM) is not working.  Getting that to work more reliably on
more models of computer must happen before suspend to RAM can be made a
default setting.  It is a kernel ACPI and power management system
problem more than a problem with particular hardware and BIOS, as I
understand it.

On the bright side, the Software Suspend patch is working great, and I
see no reason not to roll it into the Ubuntu kernel.  If someone would
like a copy of the sources for the suspend-able kernel I am running now,
please contact me off-list.  If enough people want it, can someone offer
a download site for it?  They won't let port 80 in on the student
residence network here.  :-(

I have a 2.6.9 kernel with Software Suspend and a recent ACPI patch set,
plus the MadWifi drivers patched into the kernel source.  It hibernates

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