Directory Service for Ubuntu

Ghe Rivero ghe_rivero at
Thu Dec 16 17:40:32 CST 2004

> KIS is exactly a project that I have searched.
> Is KIS planed to be distro independent, or only for Userlinux?

	It will try to be vendor independent, but at this moment only debian
packages (for whatever flavour) are provided...

> Is the main mailinglist for KIS auth-system at
> I think, a wiki would be very important for KIS. I know it is an entry
> in the wiki from userlinux, but it is readonly at the moment (Or I am
> too silly to login).

	I have just created a Kis mailing list for
KIS.<kis-devel at> It will be created in 6-24
hours...  I would look for a read-write wiki in some place soon.

	Ghe Rivero

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