Removal of postfix from base

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Thu Dec 16 08:32:49 CST 2004

<quote who="Scott James Remnant">

> I propose we move postfix into supported, where it can live with the other
> servers.

> If there's no available software, I suspect it would be trivial to
> implement in Python.

In general, I agree, with caveats:

 * If we do this, Postfix should be in ship.

 * I would support the selection of a known, proven, applicable tool (which
   we don't have) straight away - but I don't believe we should be writing
   software to faciliate this kind of change at this stage of the release

That said, if a tool to do this was packaged and tested before UVF, it might
be acceptable.


- Jeff

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