Good Fix to Sound Server Problem (was Re: Sound Server vs. Other Solutions?)

Jerry Haltom wasabi at
Wed Dec 15 22:46:14 CST 2004

I am tempted to say an ESD app *IS* a legacy app. :)

On Wed, 2004-12-15 at 23:18 -0500, thully at wrote:
> I have found a fix to this problem with the sound server in hoary which causes
> it
> to not allow any non-esd applications to use sound.
> Simply remove the -d default from the spawn_options line in
> /etc/esound/esd.conf.
> This has allowed me to use GNOME event sounds, rhythmbox sound, and the sound in
> Flash works (although a legacy sound app and an esd app can't use the sound at
> the same time).  I also switched from libesd0 to libesd-alsa0 (I'm not sure,
> but
> it seems that this works better w/ this change - anyway, this should be used
> as Ubuntu uses ALSA, not OSS).
> Could these changes make it into the default Ubuntu install?
Jerry Haltom <wasabi at>

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