Freeness (Re: Idea for expanded support of some non-free software)

Ruben Vermeersch lists at
Wed Dec 15 18:43:09 CST 2004

On wo, 2004-12-15 at 19:20 -0500, thully at wrote:
> IMHO, since this seems very similar to the case of ATI/NVidia, Ubuntu wouldn't
> break their principles any more by including a supported method to configure
> and use Flash and Sun's Java implementation (but not necessarily distributing
> them) than they do when they include ATI/NVidia drivers.    However, I seem to
> be in the minority on this list, and I realize that.  Can someone clarify why
> the case of Flash/Java is different than the case of ATI/NVidia for me?

Well, I can't use my LCD screen at it's native resolution (1680x1050)
without NVidia drivers, they are mission critical, whilst I could
survive perfectly without java/flash. Video drivers aren't always a case
of hardware accelleration, basically being able to use a system is a
reason enough to resort binary non-free evil.


Ruben Vermeersch
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