Some feedback on the new menus.

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Wed Dec 15 02:52:31 CST 2004

<quote who="jorge o. castro">

> I don't understand why there's a "Desktop" menu item. If I need to get
> to my desktop, I can click the "Show Desktop" thing. If I need to save
> something to my desktop, then I'm already in the file chooser and it's
> already a built in shortcut. If I'm moving files around then I just drop 
> them on the desktop.

It's handy when you're working and can't see your desktop. I think we'd get
more people wondering where it is if it were not there than we get people
wondering why it's there in the first place. :-)

> I'm /really/ liking the bookmarks from the file chooser replicated here. 
> Ever since I moved to the "Ubuntu way" (ie. nothing on the desktop), I 
> have been adding shortcuts to my panel for quick access to my mostly 
> used directories. Now this does it for me. I like that I can get to them 
> even when an app is full screened. Enable me to drag and drop to this 
> list of shortcuts and I'd be a happy man.

DnD to Places is a Wanted Feature. :-)

> After using it I'm not sure Recent Documents is a "Place" I would go to. 
>  Seems out of place, but I don't know where else I'd put it. Perhaps 
> another candidate for "make it an applet and get it out of the menu"?

Yeah, I'm not entirely enamoured by this myself - but running away from the
problem by making it an applet (policy? noooo!) is probably not a good idea.

> I think that the Nautilus "Connect to Server" should definately be in 
> this menu. It's pretty undiscoverable where it is now, and cumbersome 
> get to as opposed to having it on the top menu. I was thinking it'd be 
> good right under Network Servers. That way I have Network Servers, when 
> I want to browse around the network, and Connect... for when I know 
> exactly where I want to go.


> As a side note/crack idea, since you're dynamically doing the places 
> menu, I was wondering if this could be applied to the system and 
> preferences? For example, why show the floppy formatter, printer config, 
> and sound config tool if the hardware doesn't exist on the box?

Those menus are handled differently (implementation detail), but also, I'm a
little wary of doing tricks like that just yet. No huge benefit hiding menu
items and so on, we'd be better off fixing up the applets to do tricky stuff
like that (because they're right in your face).

- Jeff

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