Some feedback on the new menus.

Nathan Howell nathan at
Tue Dec 14 22:31:14 CST 2004

* jorge o. castro <jorge at> [2004-12-14 19:23]:
> I don't understand why there's a "Desktop" menu item. If I need to get
> to my desktop, I can click the "Show Desktop" thing. If I need to save
> something to my desktop, then I'm already in the file chooser and it's
> already a built in shortcut. If I'm moving files around then I just drop 
> them on the desktop.

I can understand the presence of the Desktop item, but I don't like seeing it,
since I use $HOME as my desktop. I've even filed a bug on it

> even when an app is full screened. Enable me to drag and drop to this 
> list of shortcuts and I'd be a happy man.

DnD to the menu entries would be neat. Maybe then I'd use Rox a bit less. ;-)

> After using it I'm not sure Recent Documents is a "Place" I would go to. 
>  Seems out of place, but I don't know where else I'd put it. Perhaps 
> another candidate for "make it an applet and get it out of the menu"?
An applet for that would be nice, right along with a Recent Apps one.

> I think that the Nautilus "Connect to Server" should definately be in 
> this menu. It's pretty undiscoverable where it is now, and cumbersome 
> get to as opposed to having it on the top menu. I was thinking it'd be 
> good right under Network Servers. That way I have Network Servers, when 
> I want to browse around the network, and Connect... for when I know 
> exactly where I want to go.

That would be great. I hate having to open a nautilus window just to get to the
menu so I can use that function.


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