Request for testing new libc6 for language packs

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Dec 13 13:41:46 CST 2004


Colin Watson [2004-12-13 16:17 +0000]:
> > Yes, I'm aware of that, but rebuilding the archive is quite simply not
> > an option.
> I understood Martin to mean manually uploading various packages that
> need locale changes to modify what they spit out, rather than an
> automatic archive rebuild. 

Indeed; given the amount of synced packages from Debian and the
current upload rate, there shouldn't be sooo much packages left at the
end which still contain translations. To avoid apt/dpkg troubles, the
remaining packages should be uploaded with a new version number at the
end (but no other changes).

I would vote against not rebuilding untouched packages, though. It's
not only a matter of CD space, but also a matter of avoiding to
download redundant data in debs.


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