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Sun Dec 12 11:20:56 CST 2004

Matt Zimmerman Wrote: 
> On Fri, Dec 10, 2004 at 12:38:29AM -0500, nuopus wrote:
> > Ubuntu Linux in the Linux introduction class. This hardware is old
> too
> > ... 650mhz for some 800+ for others. 20 students numerous times was
> > able to get it installed PERFECTLY. We all said NO to installing
> from
> > the internet then uncommented the repositories later to get updates.
> Glad to hear it!  I wonder if the text in that dialog is unclear,
> though: it
> doesn't install from the Internet; it only downloads updates (as you
> later
> did anyway).
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Well ... what I have found is that if you say YES to downloading
software from the internet it will end up downloading 100+ packages. If
you say NO to downloading software then it will install everything from
the CDs. If you enable the repositories THEN do an update it does not
download nearly as many updates ... which leads me to believe that ALL
of the packages .. X, GNOME and the apps are downloaded from the
Internet instead of actually using the ones from the CD.

It is much faster to say NO to download from the Internet then update
from the net later than to say YES to download and get them all updated
at once. Tried this numerous times.


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