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Jonathan Schemoul jonathan.schemoul at
Fri Dec 10 18:12:01 CST 2004

For the wifi configuration app, I think that there is one that could
be great to improve and use in Ubuntu : Wifi Radar (can be found at )

And for the samba conf, why not use something like in mandrake and
windows... (right click on a folder and share it via samba...) ?

Jonathan Schemoul

On Sat, 11 Dec 2004 00:54:20 +0100, Thomas Ulz <thomas.ulz at> wrote:
> Dear Ubuntu Developers,
> I have some suggestions for the next Ubuntu release:
> 1) It would be nice if there would a better graphical configuration tool
> for Wireless-LAN-Adapters, so that you're also able to change the
> channel, the mode,etc and scan for available networks (in the current
> tool you're only able to change the IP and join a network with the name
> you have to know exactly).
> 2) To improve SAMBA configurability, a graphical configuration tool (eg.
> like the one in fedora core) would be good. Until now you alsways have
> to change the samba configuration files manually.
> This 2 tools would improve the daily work with ubuntu, so working with
> this great distribution would be much more confortable ;)
> greetz thom
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