Ubuntu blues

machiner dlist at ubuntuforums.org
Fri Dec 10 15:08:04 CST 2004

I disagree completly with Martin.

It is imperative that children start using linux early. Like my kids (3
and 6) ... they know about computers, not Microsoft.

Martin, teaching children windows does nothing to make them computer
literate. It just makes them empty-headed click literati with a
penchant for time wasting and pretty graphics.  Thank you, no.

I have already begun helping my local public school system segue into:

/a/ a more productive computing environment (if you need me to explain
this, then you need to stick to click-literati)

/b/ a more secure environment
/c/ a more cost/supply/service effective platform
/d/ an os with its eye on a computing future, not a marketing one.

If you would like to get into this, feel free. I was winnt sysadmin for
a loooooong time.  You wanna go?

Also, I'm a Dad and a past teacher....from the standpoint of computing
and children -- windows is complete shit.

Don't be a follower, Martin, think outside of the marketing box.  Get
something accomplished.



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