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Thu Dec 9 18:13:49 CST 2004

Martin Alderson Wrote: 
> On Thu, 09 Dec 2004 11:52:54 +0200, Peter Damoc <pdamoc at gmx.net> wrote:
> > a few Mb of stuff that would make all the difference to a kid.
> Shouldn't Ubuntu care for the > > younger generation? Shouldn't they
> start to learn about computers in a free environment?
> I don't think so. They should learn the most useful enviroment. This
> is like learning, I don't know.. Russian instead of French or Spanish
> at school.
> At the moment, Windows is the most useful enviroment at 95%+ of
> businesses use it on their desktops, and therefore that's going to be
> the one they are going to experience when they are older.
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Children are the future. Let's try and bring them up with a good sense
about morales (like opensource software for the desktop). Let's also
prevent them from falling in the same holes we did. 

Now is the time a viable alternative for average-desktop-users is
coming to age.

Ideally all children would grow up with an open-source desktop like

The only way to gain marketshare on windows is if we nerds encourage
everyone to try an open-source desktop like Ubuntu. 

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