Creating audio CDs in Hoary.

saBrEwolf dlist at
Thu Dec 9 13:41:09 CST 2004

Jerry Haltom Wrote: 
> Somebody didn't even bother to read any available information on
> GStreamer before asking the list.
> That's the entire point of GStreamer.
> On Wed, 2004-12-08 at 15:42 -0500, saBrEwolf wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I've decided to take it upon myself to solve this Audio CD writing
> > problem in GNOME into my own,  now somewhat worried hands.
> > I've been planning this for a while and have a few questions to ask.
> > Is there any way to use GStreamer to output wavs (uncompressed music)
> > to a file instead of to the speakers without mucking around with /dev
> > links? I figured that if I could use GStreamer, people could use the
> > plugins of that to decompress the music without having to download
> > things like mpg321, flac etc.
> > Any ideas people?
> > 
> > 
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> > saBrEwolf
> > 
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> Jerry Haltom <wasabi at>
> Feedback Plus, Inc.
Well Excuuse me!!
What makes you so great that you can tell what everyone has done?
I know in fact that I looked on the GStreamer site and could not find
anything of use, I searched Google with Gstreamer "Output to file." but
could not find anything.
I may not have done my research well, but at least I tried!
I was expecting to have a helpful answer
I was obviously wrong for hoping for a half-decent answer from the
likes of you.
I shouldn't really put this because its not useful and its not
productive but its just infuriating when people presume such s**t about

Maybe this will help you on your pathetic quest to ruin everyone else's


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