Quick brainstorming (long)

Peter Damoc pdamoc at gmx.net
Thu Dec 9 10:43:23 CST 2004

On Thu, 9 Dec 2004 09:28:10 -0500, Eric Dunbar <eric.dunbar at gmail.com> wrote:
> I think that's a really important point. Right-click (& middle-click)
> should never be crutches upon which developers rely. As soon as you
> REQUIRE right-click to do something important, you eliminate that
> feature from the skill repertoire of a lot of people (dare I say the
> majority). But, at the same time, if your solution to single-click
> isn't much better than right-click you should _also_ offer
> right-click.

I think I'll throw in my 2 cents :o)
Right click for me represents 2 things:
- context menu
- gestures

The way I see it keyboard combination with the mouse clicks should mean alternative similar action, like in if I click a link with Ctrl pressed it should open it in a new tab rather then reuse the existing window.
Also using a key+leftmouse for something like emulation of the right click will reduce my web browsing experience as it won't allow me to browse confortably with one hand on the mouse and the other scratching my chin :o)

How do you propose to do mouse gestures with a one button mouse?
2 buttons are good as we all have a lot of stuff in pairs... :o)

Peter Damoc
jack of all trades, master of none

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