Ubuntu blues

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at canonical.com
Thu Dec 9 10:07:01 CST 2004

<quote who="Peter Damoc">

> Not an Ubuntu derivative! I don't want an Ubuntu derivative! What I want is 
> for Ubuntu to look into that segment too.

That's how it will happen. Close derivatives are going to be an important
part of the Ubuntu universe.

> Ubuntu-Kid should be something produced by Canonical as part of the Ubuntu 
> project. Like Ubuntu-LiveCD.

Canonical can't do everything. We provide a strong footing for all the great
things the community can think of... Ubuntu for Kids sounds like an awesome
project to take Ubuntu places that Canonical can't. :-)

> yes there is... but ask yourself is there also lots of motivation? How 
> about putting out some incentives?

Oh, there will certainly be a maintainership program - we're actually
talking about it in a BOF right now (at the conference in Mataró).

- Jeff

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