Cameron Hutchison camh+ubuntu at
Wed Dec 8 23:47:36 CST 2004

Once upon a time thully at said...
> 2) I don't like locking the system on suspend by default.  It is sure annoying
> to have to enter the user password again if I close the lid for 10 minutes.   
> The goal of suspend is to put your computer in a low power state which allows
> you to start it back up in minimal time - locking the screen makes resume more
> tedious and long and hinders the advantage of suspend.

If the system is set up to lock the screen after a certain amount of
inactivity, then I think that suspending the laptop should lock the
screen. The idea behind locking the screen automatically is to lock the
computer when it appears you have left your machine unattended. When you
suspend to RAM (or hibernate), I think it is a valid assumption that you
will be leaving your machine unattended.

If auto-locking is not set up then suspend should not lock the screen.

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