Quick brainstorming (long)

poptones dlist at ubuntuforums.org
Wed Dec 8 18:19:23 CST 2004

-Mouse buttons are a power user feature and not a good solution for a
design problem! Normal computer users _don't_ know what to do with a
right click, let alone a middle click or extra clicks.-

I routinely deal with a 43 year old stay at home mom who got her first
computer just a few years ago and her 16 year old daughter who gets
about an hour online a day. Don't even ask about dad, he'd rather not
even have a TV, much less a computer.

Mom has no problem with all those "confusing" buttons on the mouse. She
doesn't even have a problem with that spatial browser everyone seems to

This isn't rocket science. Mice have three buttons, it's stupid to say
"people are too dumb to figure them out so we should just ignore those
other buttons."

Saying "things should be my way because it's the right way" is also
very offensive. Choice is always better when it doesn't lead to
confusion; All you are endorsing is the elimination of choice. That's
not better engineering or better usability - it's just limiting
functionality because it suits your agenda.


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