Quick brainstorming (long)

poptones dlist at ubuntuforums.org
Wed Dec 8 02:20:53 CST 2004

-A switch between "spatial" mode (where opening a folder opens a new
window)/non-spatial mode where opening folders opens up a new window
in place. How switched? A little widget on the title bar.-

This is also silly. You can already add such a button on the panel, it
would be an extremely simple script. And even without it the setting is
still as close as (nautilus) edit>preferences>open in browser windows. 

Why would you want to be constantly toggling back and forth? This is
what mouse buttons are for. Nautilus desperately needs to use those
buttons in a proper fashion and ditch the inane "open and close all the
other folders." Make the middle and left clicks selectable. All it takes
is two preferences, although I don't know enough about the guts of
nautilus to know how hard that would be. 

left click: open spatial/open in browser
middle click: open spatial/open in browser/inane "open and close the

I find spatial really useful and, as I've said before, use it most of
the time. But having to right click to "explore" is irritating,
especially when the perfectly good middle mouse button is locked into
an utterly useless bit of non-functionality. By adding this one tiny
feature it could drastically narrow the gap between these two camps,
allowing either "side" to make use of the other with a single click.


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