"How can I help?" (Re: Academic Involvement in Ubuntu)

Daniel Holbach dh at mailempfang.de
Mon Dec 6 06:57:46 CST 2004

Am Freitag, den 03.12.2004, 11:51 -0800 schrieb Matt Zimmerman:
> On Fri, Dec 03, 2004 at 08:09:28PM +0100, Daniel Holbach wrote:
> > Maybe i'm all wrong, but I thought all you developers had loads of
> > shrewd ideas and plans. :-)
> We do. :-) What do you mean by this?

I just thought there were more open tasks. I guess if someone would ask
you (or the other developers) personally to help you with some of your
projects, you'd be able to tell him at least n+1 things.


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