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This is an interesting read for Ubuntu devel.  Personally I like GNOME
better but there sure some nice things such as editing a PDF in Kword.

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> I would advise anybody interested in Linux desktops to read the relatively
> long article "The Best Free Desktop Linux . . . and how to make it better"
> (http://www.desktoplinux.com/articles/AT3135712364.html).  Barnes used
> SimplyMEPIS (a Debian derivative) as a basis for his discussion, and had a
> lot of nice things to say about that distro from the POV of a non-technical
> user.  Of course if you already have Debian (testing) installed or any other
> Debian-based distro, then all the desktop applications and tweaks he
> discusses should be available to you directly using the verbatim apt-get
> commands from the article.  Some modifications will be required for
> non-Debian distros since although apt-get is often available for those, the
> packages are organized with different names.
> The frustrating part for me is that I just don't have time at the moment to
> explore all the interesting Linux desktop apps that are described in the
> article.  I need a clone!
> Alan
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