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Chris Jones cmsj at
Sun Dec 5 18:10:26 CST 2004


On Mon, December 6, 2004 0:00, gilligan said:
> But ctr-alt-backspace will not shut down gnome properly as i mentioned

Nor would/should a "restart X" option. You can either log out and wait for
the gnome background processes to die naturally (they usually quit a
couple of minutes after they stop being used), kill them manually, or

> And while i am at it - what about "login to console" ?

That really *really* has no place in GDM. Hit Ctrl-Alt-F1.

> Both of these options are no super cool feature in any sense but might
> just be handy for some users now and then and would take 0 effort to be
> implemented anyway.

They would add clutter to the interface and don't let you do anything you
can't do already with a keyboard shortcut or simple command. Any user that
needs to log into the console can manage a little shortcut to get to it.

Gnome is trying to move away from adding buttons and options for every
little whim of a user - that way madness (or KDE) lies ;)

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