Slimming down default install?

Gilles Dartiguelongue dartigug at
Sun Dec 5 07:20:20 CST 2004

gilligan wrote:

>>Disk Space still is an issue. I'm working with very old hardware, and 
>>installing ubuntu on 750MB disk is a pain. If base-config was slimmed 
>>down, it would help.
>well for you ubuntu is not the right choice then.
>you should perhaps rather install debian then, which you can get
>super-small when selecting minimal installation / install all packages
I can get ubuntu downsized to 350MB but its not easy to find the minimal 
installation option. Moreover, I had difficulties to install locales 
with this minimum install. I shall try again (4th time:) ).
I don't want to put debian on it because I would like to reduce the 
number of distros installed all over my boxes.

PS: hope you don't mind CCing to ML

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