Proposed panel menu structure for hoary

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Fri Dec 3 12:49:21 CST 2004

<quote who="Matt Zimmerman">

> To disambiguate - are you saying that the application submenus will each
> have a "Run Application..." item, or there will continue to be a single one
> at the top level?

One item at the bottom of the Applications menu, as shown in the example.

> Places is a new top-level menu (such that we will have three, rather than
> Warty's two), correct?


> What's your stance on having first-class places for other user data which
> are not intuitively documents (music, photos)?

I would like to have those in /etc/skel (as described in a previous mail
about them, pre-warty), but I don't think they're important enough for the
Places menu (of course, if they're added to the GtkFileChooser bookmarks by
the user, they'll appear there).

> >     ---
> >     [Disks]
> This will be dynamic, to include automounted devices, correct?


> If there is one element in this design which could deserve more exposure, I
> think it's the most-used applications.  Apple decided these were important
> enough to have them always in view, and not even behind a menu (though they
> put too many things there).

The proposal did mention an applet that would also display these launchers,
but bigger changes to the execution model are part of the long term changes
route, which we don't have time to deal with between us and upstream for

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