Some observations

jdodson dlist at
Wed Dec 1 10:26:57 CST 2004

Martin Alderson Wrote: 
> 1) First and foremost there is a real problem in that mp3 support
> doesn't work out of the box. I was under the impression that you
> didn't have to pay the patent fees if it was software and a decoder
> (as opposed to hardware and a decoder for example). Have I got the
> wrong end of the stick here?

mp3 is gummed up with patent restrictions, ubuntu is about making a
completley free as in freedom OS.  i do not see them adding mp3
playback because it is not "free."   it is easier to get most codec
support in ubuntu than windows.  step 1. add repository support step
two select a few packages in synaptic, click apply.  how to do that in
windows?  go to website for codec, download, install, rinse repeat as
many times as it takes whilst you install spyware as well(realplayer
anyone)?  in the end you trade one set of tasks for another, its just
that people are more used to going to a zillion sites and
downloading/installing than using a tool such as synaptic and apt-get,
and we know how likely people are to change.........

i understand that some kid might leave ubuntu because an mp3 player
crashes when they play some arbitrary mp3.  however people dont seem to
leave windows when it crashes running some arbitrary program, or running
some arbitrary virus or malware or worm or ........... people stick with
what they know, if someone is going to leave because of one ubuntu
hickup then they should not have even considered gnu/linux.  no
migration is flawless and painless EVER.

i think it is worth noting that ubuntu is more productive, stable and
secure than a vanilla xp install.  this should be apparent to everyone.


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