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Martin Pitt martin at
Wed Dec 1 10:00:58 CST 2004

Hi Matt!

I take the freedom to quote to the developer list.

Matt Zimmerman [2004-11-30 20:43 -0800]:
> I think we made significant progress in the tech board discussion; thanks
> for your efforts so far.  Please update the LanguagePacks wiki page with the
> current state of affairs.

I just did. I did not write down every detail we discussed yesterday,
just some braindump of the general strategy. I welcome any comments
and corrections.

> It sounds like there is a strong consensus for the design of the .po
> extraction portion of it, enough so that I think it can start to be
> implemented while the rest is still in flux.  This will also help to speed
> the process of seeding Rosetta with new data.  Is there anything that you
> feel needs to be addressed before that work can begin?

Not from my side. I think the current consensus (as written in the
wiki) is not the easiest, but the most sane one. If we convince Debian
to adopt the changes, then it might even get easier again in the

> Let's plan on finalizing the rest of it during a session in Mataro.

Agreed. I will work out some refinement of the ideas and will present
them in the BoF. I think it's better to discuss that face to face :-)

Happy hacking,


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