panel layout changes and new upstream gnome-panel ... what to do ?

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Wed Dec 1 05:28:55 CST 2004


The GNOME upstreams have just made some big changes to the gnome-panel.
They have switched from the crappy vfolder system to the new gnome-menus
module (which is an implementation of the freedesktop specifications).
In the same time the vfolder code has been dropped from gnomevfs. 

The issue now is that the "computer menu" patch was using the vfolder
system and need to be rewritten. In the same time some GNOME 2.9.2
modules require the new gnome-vfs2 2.9.1 and are holded (pushing the new
gnome-vfs2 = removing the vfolder code = pushing a new panel ...)

So we have basically two options:
- go ahead, upload all the new GNOME modules now and switch back to a
"standard" panel layout for some time (time to rewrite the panel
- hold the GNOME updates the time to get the new patch ready.

BTW If we want to make changes to the gnome-panel layout for hoary (ie:
adding a "places" menu) that's probably the right moment ...

So, what do you think about that ?


Sebastien Bacher

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