Integrate Tomcat 9.0.33 in Ubuntu 20.04

Rhea Moubarak Rhea.Moubarak at
Mon Aug 1 16:13:19 UTC 2022


Is it possible to integrate TOMCAT 9.0.32 in the official repositories of Ubuntu 20.04 ?

As listed on, the current version in the official repo is 9.0.31

We are trying to develop a project and we are facing the following bug:

This bug was resolved in the Tomcat v9.0.32 (search for 64195 in this link ) but this version was never released, we would go for the very next one the 9.0.33

It would be helpful to add the version of TOMCAT 9.0.33 as it fixes this common issue on TOMCAT installations.

Thank you in advance.


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