Cannot load lib32z1: 32 bit package

Pienkowski Andy andy.pienkowski at
Thu May 27 13:00:34 UTC 2021

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you in some desperation to find out how to load the lib32z1
package into a Ubuntu 20.04 installation.  I have two equivalent dual boot
Ububtu 20.04 systems.  One has the lib32z1 installed, the other will not
allow its installation for some reason?  (Please see the attached picture.)

I have been through all the forums to try to find a solution to this
problem since two equivalent systems should behave the same I think but I
cannot find out why I cannot load the 32 bit library on one of them.  (Both
PCs have Intel processors but I am running AMD Ubuntu installations on

I forced an installation earlier using Gdebi with:


but the system rejected it and I had to uninstall.

Thank you for your help with this if you are able to suggest any blogs or
other sources which deal with finding a solution to this problem.

Kindest regards,

Andy Pienkowski

andy.pienkowski at
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