update-notifier crashes (bug spotted in source code)

Xu Zhongxing 13811674668 at 163.com
Sat May 1 11:55:56 UTC 2021

In the source code update-notifier_3.192.40.tar.xz, when there is file /var/lib/update-notifier/user.d/incomplete-language-support-gnome.note.

In hooks.c, at line 108, when the file test is true, the program will execute "goto out" at line 112.

Then at line 137, pathdirs is in uninitialized state and triggers a segmentation fault in g_strfreev().

if(cargv[0][0] == '/' &&
  g_file_test(cargv[0], G_FILE_TEST_EXISTS|G_FILE_TEST_IS_EXECUTABLE)) {
      result = TRUE;
      g_debug_hooks("command exists");
      goto out; // THIS IS EXECUTED

   g_debug_hooks("'%s' is not a valid absolute path", cargv[0]);

   gchar **pathdirs = g_strsplit(getenv("PATH"), ":", 100);
   if(!pathdirs) goto out;

   for(int i = 0; pathdirs[i] != NULL; i++) {
      gchar *pathdir = pathdirs[i];
      char *fname = g_strdup_printf("%s/%s", pathdir, cargv[0]);
      if(g_file_test(fname, G_FILE_TEST_EXISTS|G_FILE_TEST_IS_EXECUTABLE)) {
  g_debug_hooks("command exists at '%s'", fname);
  result = TRUE;
  goto out;

   g_debug_hooks("failed to find command in PATH");

   if(error) g_error_free(error);
   if(cargv) g_strfreev(cargv);
   if(pathdirs) g_strfreev(pathdirs); // THIS IS THE CRASH SITE BECAUSE pathdirs IS IN UNINITIALIZED STATE.
   if(unquoted) g_free(unquoted);
   return result;
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