gr-iio package under 20.04 built for wrong gnuradio

Jason Gallicchio jason at
Fri Mar 19 16:55:50 UTC 2021

The gr-iio package is compiled in a way that's compatible with gnuradio3.7,
but gnuradio3.8 is the version in 20.04.

The most popular reason to install this is for students to use Analog
Device's PlutoSDR with gnuradio. Analog Device's instructions involve
cloning the "upgrade-3.8" branch of gr-iio, which seems to not be what was
done in the Ubuntu package:

All of the other required packages in 20.04 are appropriate--gr-iio is the
only one that my students must build from source to fix this issue.

In more detail, the 20.04 gr-iio package supplies .xml files like
but gnuradio3.8 has switched to .yml files. Making the upgrade-3.8 branch,
creates files like

Apologies if this was not appropriate for this list or didn't contain the
right information, but it's the first time I'm suggesting a package bug fix.

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