Package youtube-dl

Franklin Hunter tiedyedbun at
Fri Mar 5 06:45:40 UTC 2021

The version in focal is 2020.03.24-1 .

The developer is at 2021.03.03.

Can it get freshened?

Is there an online form for this? I was reading info from "dpkg -s" and 
"apt-cache showpkg" , so I can't easily see if Debian has or hasn't 
rolled theirs. I'm thinking of something with visibility of whether 
Ubuntu is getting it from developers or Debian, and how much mucking is 
required to make it appropriate for Ubuntu.

This is Linux, and we can always do a ppa or compile our own, but 
Ubuntu's package curation in its distros is highly valued and 
appreciated. It'd be nice if we could see where more or less of that 
curation might be necessary.


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