"Send problem report to the developers?" needs field for why I'm sending or needs promise of pre-existing field

Nick Levinson nick_levinson at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 25 23:33:35 UTC 2021


1. On the desktop or workspace, open an app window. It likely won't matter which app.
2. Type alt-F2 . 
3. With the cursor (which should be a plus sign), click on the app window.
4. When you get a window that says "Send problem report to the developers?", see the buttons. 
Actual result: The options I saw were only Send, Don't Send, and a Close button ("X").
Expected result: An option to say why I want to report should be available. Otherwise, I should find another way to report, so I can be sure I'll have room to explain whatever needs explaining.

Additional info: Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS, kept evergreen.

Thank you.

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