ufw: add ability to restore ipset to support sshguard

IL Ka kazakevichilya at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 21:03:19 UTC 2021

> Here's a bug report for it, which you may want to subscribe to:
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ufw/+bug/1571579
> FWIW, I too would love to see ufw have ipset support. I would use this
> for fail2ban integration as well as some permit rules for various
> applications.
Thank you. fail2ban is another approach (like sshguard), but it still
suffers from this shortage.
I do not want to hack my system, so I migrated to bare iptables:
``netfilter-persistent`` with  ``ipset-persistent`` and
``iptables-persistent`` plugins (as Debian people would do) until this
issue gets fixed.
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